Problem with best in bags

Hi all!

I have a problem with the Best in bags system.

For some reason my Phase 2 232 ilvl set is automatically detected as worse than 213 from Naxarmas. Apparently this is not the case in all bis sheets. How do I fix the error?

Follow the instructions in this post to create a snapshot and copy the ID here. Then I can try your specific case and comment further.

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Oh, done :slight_smile:


Thanks – I’ll take a look, seems the estimate for the 4pc bonus is a bit higher than most people would expect on the scourgeborne set. (Though it is a much better set bonus than the 4pc darkruned bonus, which is quite weak and often not worth getting.)

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So it turns out that the bislists are all wrong? Should I believe this sim or the bislists?

I haven’t posted an update yet – we have a site update later tonight sometime, it should shift things a bit to be more what people expect.

The higher ilvl of the T8 set will typically pick it over T7, even though the T8 4pc bonus by itself is weaker than the T7 4pc bonus. And you might see the optimizer go for just the T8 2pc and other items with high ilvl and good stats rather than getting the full 4pc bonus, depending on what gear you have available.

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Okay, thank you. So I have to wait, tomorrow sim will be right?