Raid buff/debuff

I get an error, when I’m trying to do a best I bags with no buffs/debuff?
I’m trying to make a “solo best in bags” with no enchants, buffs, debuffs etc for my rogue, when I’m questing…
If it’s not possible to remove buffs/debuffs entirely, which ones should I pick with the minimum impact then?
And it would be great, if it was possible to set a minimum of health/stamina in “customize”?

If you post a snapshot of your setup where you get the error, we can look into it. Turning off all the buffs shouldn’t be a problem.

Instructions on making a snapshot:


Cannot convert null value to TeamRobot.Wow.Tbc.TbcRaidBuffTypes. Path ‘ProfileCollection.BibSetups[0].TbcRaidBuffs[1]’, line 1, position 21574.

Ticket Number: f03a8062b1c34cbdb268a8d427bea489

If you need further assistance, please contact technical support.

is it worth mentioning, that when i remove all buffs, and do best in bags, it auto selects one anyway?
It also won’t let me get a snapshot without any debuffs selected, so i had to pick one… anyway:
Snapshot ID:


I can reproduce this with the snapshot, we’ll fix it up.

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