Recommending Double Sinful Weapon Enchant

Hello, for my Fury warrior, It is now recommending double Sinful for weapon enchant. Not sure if that is the best or not, but just about every warrior guide, skyhold discord channel, etc… says to go with one Sinful enchant, one Celestial Guidance enchant.

Also noticed that if I lock in my Offhand enchant as Celestial, it changes the main hand to Celestial. (which amr says is the lowest dps increase)
If I lock on my main hand to Celestial it leaves Main Hand as Sinful.(Which AMR says is the same increase both enchants on either weapon)


We can take a look at it… but the real issue is that the difference in damage is too small to measure. You will never notice or be able to empirically determine the difference between two sinful, two celestial, or one of each.

I think that I know what’s going on with locking the enchants – we’ll fix that in the next update so that it doesn’t swap around on you when locking.

And yeah as for 2x sinful ranking a little higher… it is what it is. The difference is very tiny so use whatever setup you prefer. It’s not unusual for things that are really close like this to shift around a bit when a new tier of content comes out. Celestial Guidance was more dominant early in shadowlands – primary stats tend to tail off a bit towards the end of expansions with how WoW works.

My problem with this is when I have multiple sets like with my monk where I have dps, tank and Heals, I wish AMR would adjust which enchant is on my Main hand or offhand based on lower priority sets if the primary one is too close to call. Likewise, AMR should just simply never tell anyone to use 2 of the same weapon enchant in my opinion or at least have an option to disable it.

As it sits right now though, AMR is being very weird and each set is telling me to use a different enchant on the same weapon as though it doesn’t know what enchant the higher priority set has on it. Just seems far buggier and/or less accurate than ever before.

Just lock the enchant you want, for the lower priority setups, on the weapon in the top spec and then it should do what you want.

The optimizer does not recommend changing enchants on lower priority sets if a weapon is shared with a higher priority set. You would only see this in the optimizer if you have more than one copy of a weapon.

Except that it is right now…I know it shouldn’t. Also, I don’t want to lock in any enchant on any set, I want AMR to be smart enough to know that the difference between enchants on my main set are negligible then it should optimize based on the next highest set.

But yeah, in general it seems to be quite broken right now and is showing the same weapon, of which I only have one, with a different enchant on every set.

Post a snapshot of your case and we can take a closer look. Instructions on how to do that here:


Very neat!

Thanks – I’ll fix that in the next update. Looks like something got messed up with the code that locks enchants in place that are reserved by higher priority setups.

Awesome! Thanks! If only WoW devs would respond to bugs this fast lol

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I’m getting the double enchant suggestion again on my rogue.
15,906 DPS BiB result
15,995 DPS Sinful Revelation on MH
15,795 DPS Lightless Force on MH

Yes the margin is small but I thought you’d added code to stop it doing that @yellowfive?
Also quite confused about Lightless Force being lower than the other ones using the M+ script, this is not the result I was expecting!

It does it if I put the ST setup first too, which is how it normally is, I was just looking at what M+ looked like as priority.