Retribution Paladin Gemming Template

There appears to be an issue with the gemming template for Retribution Paladins. It is telling me to trade my Relentless Earthseige Diamond for a Chaotic Skyflare Diamond. This would be a trade of 21 Agility for 21 Critical Strike Rating. Since 1% Critical Chance increase is 50 Agility and 45.91 Critical Strike Rating. This would be approximately 1.72 additional Critical Strike Rating 21*(45.91/50). But in order to activate it, I would be trading 20 Strength for 10 Strength, 15 Stamina, and +4 Strength for the socket bonus. With the Agility also increasing Armor by 24, This would give me a net loss of 6 Strength and 24 Armor for 1.72 Critical Strike Rating and 150 Health. This would mean that Critical Strike Rating would be almost 3.5 times more valuable than Strength, which I know it is not.

If you post a snapshot we can take a closer look. Instructions on how to make a snapshot here:


The difference between those two options is vanishingly small – use whichever you prefer.

Defensive stats are ignored for Retribution calculations. The only thing changing of relevance here would be agility, crit rating, and strength.

You are also optimizing with zero raid buffs and debuffs, a pretty rare case. If you turn on common buffs/debuffs then it will pick the relentless earthsiege diamond due to the multipliers on your stats.

Either way… this is one of those gear choices you have in classic WoW that is so hilariously small it’s annoying that it exists in the first place. The number of potential gem combinations is so large that we use algorithms to try a subset with different gear combinations and pick one that will fall well within any margin that a player would be able to detect in-game. Differences this small just aren’t worth the computing power (or gold cost for players).

Ok, that makes sense. Just as a follow up, I did notice the Strength calculation does appear to be off. This one: 5c6c42caf7f04fa1853bf6947d2bfd6e says I’m losing 7 strength, but If I trade out a Bold for a Sovereign, it’s -10 and then +4 for the socket bonus. I’m not losing a Strength anywhere else. Not sure if that’s from the gem or the bonus on the waist item throwing it off.

You have the Divine Strength talent which multiplies strength by 15%.

It is very rare at this point that there is an error in the stat calculations. Make sure to check all buffs, talents, etc. if you think something seems off, 9 times out of 10 you’ll find something that you forgot about.