Retribution Tier Set issue

Hey chaps,

Mr. Robot seems to be having an issue seeing the new Retripala Tier 4 set as an upgrade over the Season 2 Tier 4 set. 3rd piece dropped for me today and with a catalyst I now have the 4 set. Mr Robot tells me it will be a -1.7% downgrade, Raidbots tells me a 15.5% upgrade :slight_smile:
Basically it wants me to just equip the Tier Helm and keep old set. Obviously I can use the force Tierset option just wanted to make you aware of this.
Also veteran gloves/shoulders weren’t in the Catalyst upgrade list.

EDIT: I think this may be an issue particular to RET. Just checked upgrade finder (RAID) for several of my alts and Tier pieces are always upgrades, however with RET they are tiny upgrades or downgrades.


If you could post a snapshot of your particular case we can take a look. Instructions on how to do that in this post:

What specific items aren’t showing in the catalyst list that should be? The full name or ID if you have it, and then I can see why it is getting filtered out.

Sorry should have posted that with my first post: 146097cfef1347a6b04de07a210a082a

ID of gloves: 210704. Shoulder showed up after I catalyzed them - can’t remember what they were called sorry.

Looks like we missed item sources for the Emerald Dream renown items. We’ll add those and then they will start showing up in the catalyst upgrade finder list as well.

edit: I found the source of the set bonus issue, we’ll fix it in the next site update.