Rogue BiS/BiB suggestions

I am a bit worried about the suggestion because it is very different from any BIS list I know.
AMR prefers AP over HIT. AMR is aiming for 9%hit I imagine. I don´t know if I can trust these suggestions.


I am very interested in this as well. I have similar issues with the recommendations for Fury warriors.


Can you post your snapshot for me? I’d like to see all your settings to see why the optimizer isn’t picking more hit in this case. In general, I don’t necessarily see an issue with this, but I’d want to hold off on further comment until I get the whole picture.

Instructions on posting snapshot found here:

Here is The Snapshot ID: d21464d962f9473e9327fde88aa73e66

Thanks in advance.

I can’t necessarily speak to how other sources get their value for hit…

Auto attacks account for a large % of your damage, but not 100%. Hit beyond 9% is going to have less value. My calculations show that AP will edge it out when you can pick between the two stats. I prefer to go with the mathematical best average choice. I’ve gone over the calculations quite a few times - hit is being factored into all the relevant calculations.

That being said, I know some people just don’t like to miss and prefer to run higher hit. You could always use the customize section to set a minimum amount of hit you’d like to see on your gear. The variance on your DPS will go down with higher hit, even if the theoretical average might go slightly down.

Thank you for the clarifying answer!

Edit: with a customized setting of 18% hit, I get a higher gain in % DPS than without customization (without any customization should give the best result possible).

Do you take the trait “Combat Potency” into account, because it relies strongly on hit?!