Rogue optimize not working right

Seems the outlaw rogue optimize isnt picking up the talents just staying blank, at bottom it has my loadout listed but wont populate talents ID 756a5b62b1e14b46bc5f3ebb2ee2f2db
I did manually fill talents in an seemed to hold but wouldnt load in with in game link

Could you post a snapshot ID? With that we can reproduce your exact case and try it out. Instructions on how to do that here:

756a5b62b1e14b46bc5f3ebb2ee2f2db Only blind shows up in talents

Try updating your in-game addon to the latest version (that snapshot was imported using addon version 127, latest is 133 as of this post), then export to the website again. Let me know if that helps and if not, post a new snapshot ID and we can dig a little deeper.

Ok weird just noticed curseforge wasnt updating it, that was issue though thank you :slight_smile: