Rotbriar Sprout ilvl 194 grossly overrated? Bug?

My Rotbriar Sprout ilvl 194 (trinket) is rated 1% higher dps than either a (ilvl 213) Decanter of Anima-Charged Winds or (ilvl 226) Decanter of Endless Howling for a Havoc Demon Hunter (multi-target spec) which are both rated in Bloodmallet as 4th and 9th best trinkets respectively for DH HecticCleave fights.

Given that Bloodmallet does not even rate the Rotbriar Sprout at all - has Mr Robot rather misjudged the Rotbriar Sprout?

I need you to post a snapshot to answer this for you, as the answer will be specific to your setup.

Directions for making a snapshot:

I have a similar situation as a Holy Paladin on my M+ set.
From what I could tell the simulator is calculating the trinket properly but it is weird that it sims so much higher.

Yeah, I don’t see anything “wrong” with it in the simulator… maybe they just gave it too much value accidentally?