Season of Mastery Fails

Hey, I have found some errors?

  1. i can not select som phase1 but only phase1 mc, phase2 dm and so on.

  2. when i mark best in slot only dungeons it still shows me onyxia loot

  3. it shows me at druid tank, warden staff with
    Iron Counterweight enchantment even though it doesn’t work on the staff at all

As far as I know, the phases are the same as the original Classic release phases, just at an accelerated pace. The one main change is battlegrounds are available sooner – I believe we have made that change already. If there are particular items that you think aren’t flagged with the correct phase, let us know.

Which onyxia loot is it showing? If you could provide me with a snapshot, that usually helps too, instructions on how to do that here: New "Help" Link Support Feature

It was my understanding that counterweights work in feral forms. It’s hard to find confirmation for classic mechanics anymore, but that was the best information that I could find. Either way it is so negligible you could ignore it if you want.

in phase one is dm for example already on in som and there are in dungeons few items that were added later, yes looks like items have already been added by you!

i get the onyxia neck (Onyxia Tooth Pendant), maybe because i have 9 hit or it is a quest item from onyxia head?

counterweights works in feral that’s right, but you can’t do it on sticks :wink:

just noticed I am also the lederer things of Primal Batskin set displayed, but they come only with som phase 4 in the game

The onyxia pendant is probably slipping through because it is a quest reward – you can just exclude that specific item by clicking the icon next to it in the list:


For the counterweight, looks like I would have to add some code to restrict it based on weapon type. I’ll see if we can add that for the classic version of the site. I think that is the only such case for classic, and it’s of very little value, so we probably just ignored it the first time around.

It looks like they moved some things around compared to the first release phases – they moved Dire Maul to phase 1, and adjusted the 2nd and 3rd phases a little. I’ll take a look and adjust some of the items.

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