Set a Max Threshold

Is there a way and if not can one be added to set a max threshold? for example i want a setup with max 9 hit as setups i have are around 13%hit and recommending gear with more hit.

Bump: i can’t believe no one else wants this or that there are no dev comments

This has been discussed before (back in classic). It’s a very niche request, on an already niche product - and increases the complexity of the optimization substantially. For now we don’t have plans to allow setting a maximum.

There isn’t a great use case for it anyway… the optimizer will only keep getting a stat if that is going to maximize your performance. I know that if you want to optimizer for fighting lower level enemies there could be a case for it… but for now everything is set up for maximizing damage on bosses.

my want is because after 9% hit , hit is no longer needed but AMR keeps thinking it is and keeps adding +hit gear instead of say crit gear

Could you provide a snapshot where this is happening? Our model doesn’t give any value to hit over 9%, so there must be some other reason it is picking that combination of items. Directions on how to make a snapshot here: