Shadow Priest Hit Cap at 14% with Misery Set Up

When I show Best in Bags for my Shadow Priest it shows at 14.02% hit rather than 11% hit. I’ve done a custom threshold at 11% minimum, but I don’t see a max for cap value.

If you post a snapshot of your case I can take a closer look. Instructions on how to do that here:

Off the top of my head though: the optimizer usually does a very good job handling hit. It is usually a very valuable stat up to the maximum useful amount. We handle all the annoying nuances of figuring out how much to get.

Our character sheet is very consistent with how we display stats. The in-game character sheet is not consistent at all. We show your final spell hit chance including all buffs, debuffs, talents, etc. that affect all abilities and are always active. In your particular case, we consider Misery to be always active. Anyone else who checks Improved Faerie Fire we will also include that 3% in the final spell hit total displayed.

Thus, you would almost always want the optimized character sheet to show around 14% hit for a shadow priest. The reason is that most people take Shadow Focus, which gives 3% extra chance to hit… but only with shadow spells (for a total of 17% chance to hit with shadow spells, the max useful amount of hit).

Now shadow makes up most of your useful spells… but since it technically doesn’t affect everything… it doesn’t get added to the character sheet display. We could go either way on that… might be better to just include it for shadow priests.

But bottom line: the optimizer is already getting what you want – you don’t need a minimum or a maximum to make it handle spell hit for you.