Shadow Priest Stats

So I was running a Best in Bag and when I went to copy the Pawn string, I noticed that it has Mastery listed as 0.04. This is not accurate. I did a quick (I mean this ironically) sim on RaidBots and got:

Intellect: 7.42
Mastery: 3.56
Critical Strike: 2.85
Haste: 2.75
Versatility: 2.55

I would need a snapshot of the setup you created the stat weights from to comment further

What do you mean? I linked the profile of the character I’m having issue with above. Here’s the export string for Pawn via AMR:

( Pawn: v1: "Shadow": Class=Priest, Spec=Shadow, Avoidance=0.03, CritRating=2.23, HasteRating=2.89, Indestructible=0.01, Intellect=5.66, Leech=0.01, MasteryRating=0.04, MovementSpeed=0.02, Versatility=2.11 )

As you can see, Mastery rating is underrated by a huge margin.

Here’s instructions on how to create a snapshot that we can use to exactly reproduce your case with all your settings, etc. Then we can look into why in this case it came up with such a low value.

My apologies!. Here ya go: 0d5729a6c79549ba880fd2f9b5b4b0d3

I see the issue, we’ll post a fix today sometime, thanks for the snapshot.

Thank you for the quick response! <3