Site Correctness & Trust

I’m not sure if something is going on with Site updates but I’m seeing recommendations in rotations that do not make sense.

I noticed, and posted about, a rotation that suggested both Kyrian and Necrolord skills here:

Now I’m seeing a rotation recommendation for Night Fae skills even though I’m Kyrian:

I use the addon to feed information to the site. It knows my covenant. I rely heavily on AMR as I believe in the idea of determining best setups and rotations using not human knowledge by AI-assisted simulation - except that when I start to see impossible recommendations, that trust falters.

Are the site admins aware of these ‘glitches’ and is something being done to fix them?

The simulator and optimizer won’t consider or use an ability that requires a different covenant. The rotation viewer on the guide page relies on separate metadata that we enter by hand to make a nicely formatted display. Sometimes we miss a flag – it is a display-only issue. We’ll update it in the next site update.

Ok. Fair enough. Your response makes sense, but that doesn’t explain other issues with rotation recommendations. For example here are the talents chosen for the Paladin above:

Notice that the talent “Bestow Faith” has NOT been choosen. Yet when you look at the rotation on the very same page it appears as though “Bestow Faith” should be included in the rotation (notwithstanding the talent build selected).

Is that also related to metadata and display issues?

Use the talent picker on the left of the rotation viewer to adjust the rotation – the vertical row of icons. If you look just above the rotation section, you’ll see the following note:

“The talent explorer tool and rotation viewer tool are completely separate. Choosing talents or a covenant in one does not affect the other.”

The talent picker on the life reflects the character chosen and the talents above. You’ll notice that even the talent picker on the left doesn’t show a character with ‘Bestow Faith’ as picked. So the question stands - how does the rotation reflect a skill that isn’t available?

Could just be a flag missing – we can double check this rotation’s display info. The simulator (and optimizer) can’t use a talent that you don’t have.

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