Site Update Nov 8th

Few bug fixes and features:

  1. Best in Slot and Best in Bags now support excluding items. Open up the per-slot lists (by clicking on any item in the results), and click the icon to the right of any item to toggle including/excluding that item. Click the “Clear Exclusions” button (next to the “Unlock All” button) below the results table to reset all of your exclusions. These are saved on a per-setup basis for Best in Bags.

  2. Version 67 of the addon has extra code to get around a bug with the blizzard equipment manager where the first use after reloading your UI will sometimes not ignore shirt/tabard.

  3. Version 67 of the addon will skip the step to upgrade equipment manager sets to the new format (post multiple setup feature in BiB) if you have the option checked to disable creation of equipment manager sets.

  4. Tweaked tank optimizer to more aggressively activate reorigination array.

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