So tired of corruption and anniversary gear being included in BiB

It causes nothing but confusion and needless debuff. How to run a BiB without taking corruption and anniversary gear into account?

BiB (Best in Bags) will only include gear you currently own to show the best possible combination of items you could equip right now. If you do have an item from e.g. the anniversary event then it wouldn’t make sense to just ignore that - you literally already own that item and could equip it with one single click. If you don’t own an item there is literally no way for it to ever appear there.

Similarly it wouldn’t make sense to just ignore corruption effects as those are often times much stronger than an item in itself. AMR is a tool to help optimize your gear, not to artifically ignore specific stats or bonuses you already own.

Even so, the AMR team has already included options to change the value of many stats and effects on the “Customize” tab on BiB or BiS. Using that you could just change the value of all corruption effects to 0 and then set the corruption limit on the setup tab to some really high value (like 1000).

This will effectively cause AMR to just look at the stats on items and completely ignore corruption effects. This might not show the best possible result though, because corruptions are such an important part of gearing right now and might change drastically what stats you want to have.

On BiS (Best in Slot) AMR will include everything to show the theoretically best gear set you could have obtained in the current expansion. If you don’t want to include everything there AMR provides lots of options to exclude specific items or sources as yellowfive already mentioned here.


Sorry, I meant BiS. But it appears when I run BiB, it includes corruption crap. tyvm for your timely reply. AMR moderators have always provided a timely answer. TY.