Spell hit for Warlocks not valued?

on my warlock, mr robot isn’t valuing spell hit at all it seems, or maybe it’s just the star of mystara? It even values the talisman of the naga lord, a piece with only strength and stamina, over it, when star of mystara also has intellect.

It seems very odd, I’ve been keeping up with DPS on my warlock using more hit than my peers, I’m using CoA and am affliction with only 2 points in SM because I’m using Imp Imp, so something just seems weird about spell hit “not mattering”

oh I see

so that 1% hit doesn’t matter, but every % beyond that matters. So ban’thok and star of mystara only matter if you use both, one or the other doesn’t help.

Right but to my knowledge, spell hit doesn’t calculate the same way as melee hit…

It does not – we handle melee hit and spell hit separately, according to the mechanics of the game.