Spiteful Storm Trinket BIS?

I am curious why Mr. Robot recommend me the Spiteful Storm trinket as BIS when on other plattforms it is seen as a bad trinket. (Yeah i know, you handle things differently and i play not a Meta build) No hate, i just want to know because i am curious. I also get recommended the Conjured Chillglobe that is only obtainable as healer (or trade with a friendy Healer) They both are shown as better as Whispering Incarnation Icon and at this point i wonder if Mr. Robot is considering that Heal and Tank are also wearing this trinket so you would get all 3 stat proccs?

If you post a snapshot we can look at your specific case, instructions here:

Spiteful Storm is a bit tough to rank… its value drops off quickly if there are multiple targets, or those targets are short-lived. We can play around with the ranking a bit more, it could be a little optimistic right now.


Yeah, i have looked through multiple Vault of the Incarnates HC Logs and as soon as adds or other Bosses comes into play it rapidly falls off to a point were it does barely dmg. On the only pure Single Target Boss it does very well but falls of the shorter the fight gets with better gear. I compred it with the Furious Ragefather Trinket a Gildmate has on the same lvl and this trinket does very well single and Multi target and it beats Storm on Single Target. So even in single target Storm is worse than other trinkets that deal dmg and i think thats because the dmg ramp of can not compensate the build in time ramp of.

Yeah your specified fight length should have a significant impact on the value of Spiteful Storm as well.

I’ll look at a few logs and try to make some more adjustments to it in the next site update.