TBC Addon - Tradeskill parsing LUA sample

Continuing the discussion from TBC Classic Optimizer is Live!:

@yellowfive some ideas for parsing known tradeskills …

Inspired by this discussion:

Try combining the output of GetSkillLineInfo(index) with a lookup of the tradeskill translation strings


/script i=1;x='a'; while x do x,_,_,y,_,_,z=GetSkillLineInfo(i); if(x) then print(x..': '..y..'/'..z);i=i+1;end;end;
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It might be interesting to combine the “known” trade-skill character information with a checkbox on the website: “my profession-specific recipes only”

Thanks for these examples – I’m going to play around with it a bit today and see if I can get professions and aldor/scryer importing from the addon.