TBC Classic Optimizer is Live!

Had a problem loading, but changed the string to say US instead of EU and it worked. Is it possible to make it so you can toggle heroic dungeons on and off in the upgrade finder?

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nice worked for me aswell

edit: nvm i think he just solved the problem, import is working now tyvm

I posted an update that should resolve the issue with loading characters – let me know if you continue to have any problems.

Note that once you load a character in the TBC optimizer, it won’t let you “go back” and use the Classic optimizer – not that anyone would really want to, so probably not a big deal.

We can add a distinction between normal and heroic dungeon drops… that might take a little bit to gather the drop information though.

I get this Error on my Rog, on my paladin its working

If you have an error, make a separate thread, and create a help snapshot for us to reproduce your case, instructions on how to do that here:

Will you update it too show badges also?

Is it possible to import enchants from your chars also? atm they dont show

Enchants should be importing – if you can give me an addon export string where it isn’t working for you, and let me know which enchant should be showing up on your item, I can take a look.


Thanks – I posted an update to the site that should fix the issue. The addon doesn’t need to be updated, just refresh the page and import again.

I also added a couple more upgrade finder search features: badge of justice, heroic mode toggle for the dungeon search, and the “Add to my bag” search should now be functional.

Hello !

Thank you for all the work done, it’s amazing !

But the optimizer don’t know the LionHeart Champion (2H Sword Blacksmiting)

bye !

Thanks guys for all the effort! Have been patiently waiting and so happy we finally have a TBC version!

Tradeskills appear to not be taken into account. The BiS tool is recommending Blacksmithing, Tailoring, and Leatherworking items as a Hunter. Ideally, you’d identify my professions and adjust, or allow me boxes to use my current professions or suggest items using professions I don’t currently have learned.

Also, something to force Mail, Leather, or any wearable armor type might be preferred. Personally, I’d like to wear Mail only so as to not plan to take away gear from Druids and Rogues.

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Blade of the Archmage seems to be missing from the upgrade finder for reputation items.

Here is the snapshot ID:

One issue with the addon for both Classic and TBC is that we can’t import professions. I’m going to see if I can figure it out… but I had no luck with Classic.

You can manually choose your professions by pressing the “hamburger” to the left of your character name. Choose blacksmith, then the weapon should show up.

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Could you give me an export that I can use to test this? And could you tell me which particular items have missing profession requirements? Instructions on how to make a snapshot here:

Also, we could probably add an option for BiS to limit it to your class’s main armor type.

Looks like we missed the item source information for that item. We’ll add it in the next update.