TBC Classic Optimizer is Live!

Make a thread specific to this and post a snapshot id. With that we can take a look at what you are seeing.

Best in Bags Feedback (Enhancement Shaman)

  • It’s telling me that Potency is a better weapon enchantment than Mongoose—it’s not.
  • It’s also saying that Dexterity is a better boot enchantment than Cat’s Swiftness which doesn’t make sense as the extra movement speed is extremely important for melee to help stay on/move between targets.
  • It’s suggesting Scryer shoulder enchants even though I’ve chosen Aldor. It’d be nice if this was detected automatically or an option added to select alongside your professions.
  • The recommend gemming isn’t taking into account the meta gem’s (Relentless Earthstorm Diamond) requirements as it’s suggesting I use nothing but yellow gems even though two of each type are needed.
  • +8 Strength (Bold Living Ruby) should be valued higher than +8 Critical Strike Rating (Smooth Dawnstone) according to everything I’ve looked at.
  • It’s recommending I break my two piece tier four set bonus. Is it taking this bonus (“Your Strength of Earth Totem ability grants an additional 12 strength.”) into account when doing so? It not only helps me, but my party as well.
  • I’m also dubious about the ring and trinket suggestions. Crit seems overvalued and expertise may be undervalued.

Debug Data

Snapshot ID


Import String

$3;US;Whitemane;Talyrius;karate fathers;8;2;70;0:0;1;.s1;SHAMAN;0000000000000000000050052121050013353115105005331000000000000;.q1;27797s3x23095y0e2983;18s18;57s17e-310;6s15e-2305;308s5x0y21z-5e2293;102s14;442s11;16s8x916y27e278;21s16e-266;61s6x-27y0;211s10e-1989;1s1x8382y-1856e2319;206s9e-356;135s2;2s13;1451s12;710s7e363;.inv;2459;0;361;2121;234;1;1;1;798;3264;1158;420;304;109;38;342;143;61;329;120;80;185;5;175;26;18;87;1;2;366;335;478;589;1;2;1e1887;1;1251;442;357;1;2;1;1;1e-983;1;339;18;27;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;46e996;804;890;224;1538;181;1;635;6;608;114;346;378;0;0;3;22;338;380;0;568;441;852;41;3;168;141;192;64;2;1390x23095y0e1083;224;0;202;0;0;7;25e-2615;18;15;109;32;102;3x21;1;10x5342;28e1532;21;17;91x0y-5342;10;47x5342y0;59;54;44;5;466;235;23;152;95;0;0;0;0;0;206;61;738;1;109e-1216;203;92;123;12;39;5;344;233;53;12;782;360;0;3;0;1157;4171;273;146359;6$

It helps us more if you post a snapshot id (use the help link just above the gear table). That way I can see all the setting you are using.

We don’t factor in non-dps related benefits, so you should lock in the move speed enchant if that is your preference.

I’ll look into what we can do about detecting aldor vs scryer specific enchants.

As far as slight differences between our recommendations and what other sources recommend: that is expected to some degree. We do take into account all the set bonuses and meta gem requirements. The meta gems aren’t always very good, so it might score better (or almost the same) to just ignore them. The difference in value between a +8 strength and +8 crit gem is very small. There is no way to eyeball that. It makes sense to me that crit would be a good stat when you have lower levels of crit on your gear to keep flurry and unleashed rage up as often as possible.

On-use haste effects are not scoring well in the optimizer. I don’t think they are as good as people think they are (thought they were) in general.

I’ve noticed the optimizer wants a lot of hit rating for arcane mage, I suspect that the Arcane Focus talent may not be calculating properly?
It’s also recommending changing [Spellfire Robe] to [Robe of the Elder Scribes] - is the spellfire 3/3 set bonus working?

Import tring

$3;EU;Pyrewood Village;Exixo;Offense;10;2;70;0:0;1;.s1;MAGE;2500150310030150330125000000000000000000000000505003013210010000000;.q1;21846s6x24047y0;1s10x0y0e2937;1s5x0y0e-276;1202s15e-773;1212s7x0y0z0e860;4149s9x0e-98;106s8x-17y17e290;156s18;80s11;9s2;317s3x0y-17e54;53s14;23s16e-325;116s17;15s12;84s13;1734s1x-917y0z0;.inv;5956;263;729;1435;857;1258;148;462;14;282;428;830;0;0;268;250;152;47;165;592;16e928;189;797e960;1171;509;94;1e728;1e66;1;1;1e-198;1e-601;102;0;11;1;24;0;47e621;88;1041;190;165;66;138;23;6;22e0;142;38e765;86;33;198;31e-664;5e-17;4;24;35e-2124;244e464;1e1660;1e-1677;43;131;3;89;129;2;321;156;1;1;189;0;437e972;32;55e621;70e-1576;1e-17;94;23e1677;248;133;0;0;39;0;1;2;1;106;460;1;5;27;17e28;151e-1688;2e1688;1e-733;3e5;42e794;7;47;75;0;3;0;0;0;167;2;31e0;91;84;364;1;190;6;3;50;46;404;310;76f16;18f16;2f16;5f16;6f8;109f24;226f18;18f16;2f23;7f16;7f16;236f16;140;29;12;3;130;153;126;92;64;2;1420;332x23113y0e312;64;30;6;3;204;31;35;10x0y0;75;6;67;67;12x-17y951;12;89x4419y0;51;44;186;78x-5y0e0;251;200x-5343y0;13;3;101;302;806;6;565;348;209;3;20;33;21;320;1026;0;0;967;0;0;1;52;0;0;0;0;373;375;0$

Un-buffed character stats

Snapshot ID:

Getting this message with both my characters

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You will have to use a lot of frostbolts due to lack of mana. Those don’t benefit from Arcane Focus. That is why the optimizer still wants hit for you.

The spellfire bonus is being calculated, it just isn’t good enough to overcome the loss in stats for using the lesser base items compared to your other choices.

Upgrade Finder

My weapon upgrade suggestions make no sense as Enhancement Shaman always favor slow, hard hitting weapons for Windury procs.

Snapshot ID


Same here.

This i supposed to be Best In Slot for an Orc Enh Shaman? Really? It’s the most wacky suggest for a BiS-list, I think I have ever seen. I don’t think even half the items are correct. Fast MH, Non-Axe PvP weapon (just why), no Wastewalker 2p, nor T4 2p, no DST, no meta gem, no mongoose enchants, etc etc:

so I have a few concerns.
1- The best 2H weapon chant is 2H+35 Agility, not Weapon +20 Agility
2- Since WeighStones add both Crit and Damage to your ranged weapon, Fist weapons will out DPS a 2H if you are not melee weaving
3- The Beast helms Meta gem is not active, so you are saying its better for a Beast master Hunter to stack Agility and not crit…are you sure you are accounting for the Pet damage?
4- Pets gain DPS from both Str scroll V and Agl scroll V… you should also add pets getting raid buffs
5- There is no place to add weighstones on both weapons as there is a place to add sharping stones to both. (I think this will clear up #1 & #2)

enchants needs some help.
it chose for 2 hand weapon greater agility +20 when i already have agility to weapon +25 and +35 is better
it advised for main weapon stabilized eternium scope when i already have it installed
for feet it chose vitality it would more likely be surefooted, dexterity, greater agility or cats swiftness before vitality

$3;US;Ashkandi;Usel;Completely Broken;9;2;70;0:0;1;.s1;HUNTER;5020120052501224310510505201205000000000000000000000000000000000;.q1;16935s9e1593;2442s2;3064s10e294;5080s6;353s7;18s15e-1519;11s16e2278;22s12;109s13;152s5e15;6s1x28290y266;312s18e63;251s3;2105s11;79s8e-75;678s14;.inv;2901;812;110;800;1353;972;1643;553;105;1873;52;1;1671;597;1;8;71;405;3;412;1;794e2463;1064;1;1;0;105;539e143;88;2;3e-719;1e-959;249;142;574;140e-464;426;240e200;2;74;233;339e0;455;42;7e1900;599;284;496e0;79;668;0;0;451;1e-971;2;0;0;0;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;0;0;0;1;1;0;0;13;94;198;75;0;0;0;3;0;0;0;0;740;674;231;0;605f10e-522;193f40;89;37;32;43;86;42;140;58;160;14;66;2;1;1371;18;64;11e523;17;2;128;198;1;5;0;76;59;107;165;4;15e1128;111;2;53;3;103;560;91;72;144;9;17;9;275;61;562;363;88;1;138;125;35;1e281;179;16;1;55;77;27;71;10;108;13;6;49;92;136;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;953;0;0;3;969;4402$

We’ll post an update for enhancement weapons. The internal cooldown on flurry wasn’t in the calculations (that matters a lot more than the windfury consideration, which is already in there). Once I put that in (and assumed you have sync’d auto attacks between MH/OH) it likes the slower weapons with both the same speed. Keep in mind it is actually pretty easy to inadvertently de-sync your auto attacks in-game.

This bonus is a part of the calculations. It is only calculated for personal DPS, which makes it pretty “meh”. If you want to force that bonus for buffing your group, you should lock it in.

Yes, I have calculations for the pet’s damage. The pets do get buffed by raid buffs in the calculations.

I looked into this one, checked out a bunch of combat logs to verify our assumptions as well. We are giving a very generous estimate to Mongoose in the optimizer - probably at a level/uptime higher than you’d actually see in the game even on a lucky parse. It doesn’t come out ahead of Potency in your case. They are going to be very close in value, regardless, so lock in Mongoose if you prefer it.

@lapoubelle I can adjust the phase on those items, and mark that classic era idol as relevant for TBC. For some reason alchemist’s stone got skipped, I’ll make sure it is added in the next update. The other versions of the alchemist stone are there, just the base one got missed somehow.

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@awesomedad I was going by what wowhead listed as normal vs heroic drops… they claim you can get it on both normal and heroic. Maybe the drop rate is really low on normal? Not sure.


Some places think its a bug but it’s current meta. Unless the optimizer calculates this and Legacy + 1 sharpening stone is legitimately better than dagger + fist + sharp + weight?

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I think when all is said and done, in a 10man non-optimal Raid setting, two fist weapons with Weighstones will out DPS when you are not weaving. Now I am looking at this with the +12 scope and not the +28crit. I think you will keep crits up enough and gain an extra +12 to damage with the double weighstones adding both damage and crit to the bow. In a perfect Raid and perfect rotation, the dagger+ sharp + the crit scope will out dps double fists. I think its too close to call.

Could you try the following: switch to Elemental spec on the website if it isn’t active already (use the icons by your character name). Then, Press the Add a New Setup button on the left side of the setup step for Best in Bags. Re-optimize. Then you can go back and delete the extra Elemental setup with the trash can icon on it if you don’t want that second setup, and re-optimize again. Now try exporting – does it work?

Note to everyone! If you have an issue, please make a separate topic with your issue, and post a snapshot for us to test your case (or if your case is the same as another person’s, post in the same topic and add your snapshot to give us another test case. It makes it easier to track and follow up on each person’s issue. Instructions on how to make a snapshot below: