Tbc paladin gear bib question


I want to know what I should to do get it to prioritize + healing over int, I think I have been over this before but I am still fuzzy. Is it lower or increase raid times? Also I went into the spells and got rid of holy light. I rarely would use holy light. It still insists upon me using the holy light libram instead of flash of light libram.

In that snapshot, you still had holy light in the spell priority.

In general, make the fight length shorter (so you don’t run out of mana) if you want to prioritize +healing over intellect. Using all flash of light and no holy light would keep you from running out of mana - you’ll just do less healing overall.

ok I redid it and 13e8fa8a5239409f9de3f4836b58f3c9 should be the new one. It keeps saying I need int to shield when I have had int to shield for a while and keep getting a new code from the addon to test it.

If the addon isn’t picking up the enchant on your shield, you could try this: