TBC Weapon Spec-Racials doesn't seem to work

As an Orc, the Non-Axe PvP and Axe PvP weapons are valued exactly the same. Surely this has to be a mistake, no? Isn’t Racial Expertise added for specific weapon types?

AMR sim Enh

We do account for all racial bonuses. If you post a snapshot, we can take a look at your specific case and see if something isn’t working as intended. Instructions here:

Snapshot ID: 502f546a4e24486da7ca2710fd6ab56d

The problem seem to only affect Offhand Weapons. For the Mainhand, the S1 Axe is above the S1 Mace (As it should be). That isnt the case for the OH.

Thanks – we’ll take a look at that, shouldn’t be too hard to fix.