Tells me ADD Haste yet shows I have to much and its my weakest stat?

Optimize and Rank Gear - Ask Mr. Robot

So EVERY other website lists the stats for my MM Hunter and shows haste is the bottom stat.
Mr Robot also shows I have far too much haste and it needs to be reduced yet it’s telling me to add SIX new enchants ALL HASTE?? Why is is so wrong??

The link you posted is to you in Beast Mastery spec. I see no problems with this optimization for beast mastery.

Because it says I have far to much haste and wants me to enchant EVERY item possibly with more haste. Haste is my lowest stat available??? Why is that not broken?

If you press the help link above the gear table and follow the instructions to create a snapshot id, post that id here and I can try to help you out. I must not be seeing what you are seeing. That id will let me see exactly what you see.

Not to highjack this thread but I have something similar with my resto shammy. In the “Best in bags” it tells me I need LESS crit but yet tells me to enchant my rings with crit enchants instead of one of the other stats its telling I need more of.

Not sure I fully understand how AMR calculates things? Is there a link somewhere where I can read up on this?