The BIS feature is not selecting my main spec after fresh import

I’m doing a fresh import as a Rogue using main-spec Combat, and yet my off-spec, Assassination, is used for BIS. I did make sure that the Combat/Outlaw option was selected at the very top. Annoying I have to manually enter my spec for BIS.

When you import from the addon, it activates whatever spec you had active in-game. The active spec shown at the top of the screen with the row of icons near your character name is the spec used for all features on the web page.

I guess that I don’t quite understand where you would be manually entering your spec for BiS… the top of the page is the only place to change spec for the BiS feature, and if that already shows Combat/Outlaw… you should be good to go.

Perhaps you could post a snapshot and describe in a little more detail the sequence of events that you are doing? Instructions on creating a snapshot here:

At the top of the page is a link to select Assassination or Combat/Outlaw, but then in each sub-section you can pick which. An example would be snapshot ID: bd8b22ce450f4fb09e17388ea67c1979

If you click on a spec at the top it generally changes the spec in each section, but then for BiS it leaves the spec as Combat/Outlaw even though I’ve clicked on Assassination on the top. I’d expect to be able to use BiS calculations to figure out the highest DPS my character could achieve.

I think you helped me in one aspect, where I can at least run the numbers with one spec active and then run the numbers with a different spec active and at least I don’t have to manually enter them.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to get the absolute DPS being calculated so that I could accurately compare the two specs… everything is relative and so I have no idea what the highest DPS combo is going to be.

I’ll take a look… I think the Best in Slot feature is using the last talents that were imported from the game for your character. It is not related to nor does it use your Best in Bags setups.

Classic is a bit of a pain compared to retail as it doesn’t have the concept of specs right in the game. They did add dual spec which was a step in the right direction.

We still set up our website around the concept of a “spec” though, and you can use whatever talents you want for a given spec. If you want to be a “combat” rogue with most of your talent points in the assassination tree, that’s fine, we allow you to do that.

As mentioned in another thread, I’m going to look into bringing some of the talent convenience features from retail into classic to make it easier to swap talent builds.