Tier Pieces Not Showing in Best in Bags

Here is the Support ID c155672b3ffc4f74a055e12209d74e2c

Addon doesn’t seem to be exporting Heroes T7 (ilvl 200 tier) properly. In testing I excluded every other piece in my bag, but it refuses to use my ilvl 200 tier shoulders and gloves.

For some reason, the website doesn’t think you actually have those two items in your bag (or equipped).

This could help “reset” the data and get it working again (ignore the “activate each spec” part for wotlk):

Thanks for the report, I think that I see the problem… with the Dragonflight update we added a class (Evoker), and it looks like the class requirements got shifted on a bunch of class-restricted items in our database. I’ll regenerate the data sometime tonight and it should resolve the issue.