Understanding AskMrRobot's Trinket Recommendations


I have been using AskMrRobot for several years, or rather several expansions, and I have always been very happy with it.

I want to be honest: I have never bothered to read this forum or any other news, I have always found the site extremely useful to speed up the most boring and stressful part of the game.

For me, managing gear, understanding which pieces are best and which stats are best for my class (and a thousand other things) is really a waste of time that takes away hours that I could be spending playing.

Surely in BfA and Shadowlands thanks to Ask Mr. Robot I have achieved amazing results.
I find the service exceptional, with my Monk healer I have shot up to the top of the leaderboard on my server without ever really understanding stats and BiS. I have simply always followed what Ask Mr. Robot said.

After a break from the game I decided to come back in the last season of Dragonflight, changing class and playing Disci Priest.

Obviously I used Ask Mr. Robot as always and I must say that the many additional options have taken the level of usefulness of the service to even better levels. Whether it’s the weekly bank, item upgrades and now even bullion, it’s all incredibly easy, intuitive and above all FAST.

I have played various alts and I have found myself very well with my demon lock, same thing for my monk, but as far as the priest goes… things have not gone so smoothly.

Right away I had enormous difficulties doing high keys, in raids even worse I remained below the tanks as a disci priest. Obviously it’s all situational, but even accepting that I’m extremely bad with the Priest, these are still anomalous results.

I think I understand that Ask Mr. Robot makes a mathematical calculation to best balance all the necessary stats and thus get the most possible out of them.

So it’s a numerical and not situational speech.

In fact, however, I often found myself looking for BiS and watching other players to better understand my class, something I hadn’t done since WoTLK and obviously it’s the basis for being able to play in the best way possible.

However, I would like to understand how Ask Mr. Robot works.
As far as Disci Priest is concerned, in M+ it gives me as BiS the healer trinket from Fyrak and Rashok’s Molten Heart when in any log comparison site that can be Archon or Murlok.io it is seen that the trinkets used are different.

I understand that numerically the Tome of Unstable Power only serves to do damage and therefore is not calculated by Ask Mr. Robot, as well as Ward of Faceless Ire is more of an excellent defensive than something that optimizes healing, but why does the site put them so low in the BiS lists?

Is there perhaps a voice that I missed, where I can select the most useful trinkets instead of those that numerically make the character simulate better?

It’s a question I’ve been carrying around for months now and I’ve only just decided to ask it. I just want to understand.

I have noticed that it is not just a matter of class, as could be the Disci Priest, because even the Monk healer often uses the Tanko trinket from Fyrak, which Ask Mr. Robot rightly considers wrong.

In any case, happy to be subscribed to the site and thanks really for making my life easier on wow!

I would need to see your specific case to comment on the rankings of particular trinkets. The easiest way to do that is to provide a snapshot ID, which can be generated via the “help” link next to any section header – the following post has detailed instructions on how to do that:

Once I see your case, we can see if there is a particular setting causing the optimizer to make its choices, talent combination, etc.

Generally speaking without seeing the specifics: while some trinkets are certainly more powerful than others, unless you are using the absolute worst trinkets instead of the absolute best, it won’t change your in-game performance by that much. In other words, you won’t all of a sudden start ranking really high just by changing your trinkets. People tend to fixate on them because they are the most unique items that you equip, but they aren’t any more powerful than say your helmet or leg item.

Ok, thank you very much for the response! If I understand correctly, this number is needed: 3724d97d256f43398774ce899e808315.
Certainly, there are gear slots that have a much greater impact on the character’s performance, just think about the set bonus, but I really don’t understand why the BiS indicated by Ask Mr Robot (as well as those on wowhead) are completely different from those used by everyone in the logs, which can be tracked with the websites mentioned in the original post.
I was indeed talking about Fyrak’s trinket which practically no one uses, given as the BiS, while the Tome of Unstable Power, which is practically only useful for dealing damage, is the one everyone uses.

Thanks for the snapshot.

When you look at logs, people who rank are very heavily focused on damage rather than healing. If you adjust the strategy on our site to be closer to the DPS side, you’ll generally get a result more like what you see in logs for healers.

That said… is focusing on and gearing for damage as a healer really the best idea for most players? It really depends on your team and what you are trying to do.

The Tome of Unstable Power was changed in this last patch, as far as I can tell. It has a completely different effect. It used to be an on-use intellect buff, which can be powerful when timed up correctly – especially in M+ it is popular to time up on-use trinkets with big packs of enemies to get big numbers. But now it appears to be just another damage proc trinket.

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And damage proc trinkets don’t do a big chunk of healing via atonement - I’m pretty sure they don’t proc atonement at all.

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I understand what you’re saying very well and after several tests I also think I understand the purpose of these unusual choices regarding trinkets.

Speaking of the Disci Priest, once the gear is raised, the main problem in high keys is certainly the dreaded one-shot. Many classes are at risk of dying from a single hit, with a specific trinket it is possible to shield yourself thus avoiding death and exponentially facilitating movements and freedom of mechanics.

In the same way, if the healer manages to deal more damage than a tank and hold an overall of a dps, it goes without saying that the key is much easier to close.

I believe that all this is part of a discussion that I have been hearing for a while:

“But shouldn’t the healer just heal?”

The healer currently, in my humble opinion, is the most demanding class. He must heal, do damage and in many cases also manage affixes. Many classes also have stuns and interrupts, fears and a lot of other work to do.

Just think that currently the Holy priest manages to do unthinkable damage, surpassing a disci that is specifically designed to do damage to heal.

This is how the famous “meta” classes are created with the excuse that only in very high keys can you really feel the difference. Honestly I don’t see it that way, Blizzard should seriously do a much more meticulous job of balancing the classes each season.

Having said that, I always try to use all the specs of a class that I play and therefore often find myself having to manually select each spec to understand which is the best piece to take, which can be useful for multiple specs.

For example, having to spend the bullion, the choice that Ask.Mr Robot proposes is the Fyrak trinket both for disci in m+ and for the one in raid. Obviously as far as shadow is concerned, there is something else entirely being dps, but the BiS for this spec is Neltharion’s call to sufferin which is actually one of the first for the Disci spec as well.

It would be convenient to have a preview/comparison of these things directly in the main spec screen, without having to change them all every time and make a mental calculation to choose. In practice, it would be interesting to have a voice in the list that warns that that piece is also useful for other specs of that class.

Or maybe it is already present and I have no idea how to see it?

I can confirm that. It only serves to do damage.

Of course it has base intellect which therefore increases general healing, but the proc is exclusively for damage. In fact, in high keys they all use one trinket to increase damage and one to shield themselves from one-shots.

I honestly don’t aim for m+ 20 or even +15, I’m happy to do +10 for the portals, at most I can risk a +12 but at a certain point it becomes stressful to heal, do damage, affixes etc. and if I have to, I prefer to switch to Shadow and do dps.