Update for Ask Mr. Robot

I think you need an update

To what specifically are you referring? The site is fully updated for all versions of the game: Shadowlands, Classic Era, and TBC Classic.

Mr. Robot is out of date for Shadowlands 9.1.5. I hope there is an update coming soon, thanks.

You need to provide more detail. We did an update that supports all the changes made in 9.1.5.

You forget update addon Interface version :slight_smile:

I have an addon update planned for tomorrow – I can update the interface version in that. In the meantime, you can load the existing addon version and it will work just fine.

I could be wrong, but I think Necrolords needs a closer look, especially Plague

You need to provide me with specific examples of what you would like me to look at. Create a snapshot of your character following the instructions linked at the bottom of this post. Then, tell me what you think the optimizer should have done differently for your case. We can then investigate and explain why it chose differently.

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