Upgrade finder question

for my DK, upgrade finder is showing a crafted leather belt as a bigger upgrade to the crafted plate belt. +1.7 to .79 approx. When i use the Add to bag option and add both of those items, it then shows the Plate belt is the better option. which search should i use?

If you post a snapshot we can take a closer look. Instructions on how to do that here:

I think this is it.
1bb02d09154f4c23a219683114d9f31b. that is what it showed as the snapshot id.

So the problem or question is that i am looking at find upgrade section. for crafted gear is shows Death-warmed Belt as a 1.41 upgrade and Battlelord’s Plate Boots as a 0.86 upgrade. When i then add them to ADD TO BAGS tab and run it, it shows Battlelord’s Plate Boots as .49 upgrade and the Death-warmed Belt is only 0.46. So my question is not why are they different in each tab. my question is which piece should i use. Is the leather belt better if i get some unknown additional gear but with the gear i currently have, the plate belt better?

Thanks for the snapshot. I think something is going on with the JC gems in this particular case… I’ll look into that.

In general, the “Add to my Bag” search is the most comprehensive of the Upgrade Finder rankings. It is limited to a much shorter list (you can do up to 10 items at once) and thus it examines a large number of combinations of the item in question and your existing gear, and different gem/enchant combinations thereof.

The other searches are faster so that they can rank potentially large lists of items. They essentially replace your current item in that slot with the one in question, put in some appropriate gems/enchants, and score the difference. (It’s a bit more involved than that… but this is closer to what is happening conceptually.)

Both are valid rankings, just different methods to answer slightly different questions and handle the different use cases.

In this case Add to my Bag has the better score, the crafted search is overestimating that belt. When we fix it you should see scores that are very similar between the two searches, though as described above, you will almost always get a slightly different score when using Add to my Bag. Usually it’s not enough to be significant, but sometimes there might be an unusual case where an item really likes a significant switch to your other gear to make the most of it.