Upgrade finder saying last season LFR tier better than current season heroic tier?

Decided to build a healing set on my priest. Ran upgrade finder and saw tier pieces from Aberrus LFR (ilvl ranging from 405 to 411) as massive upgrades (lowest was +14%) despite having full tier set of 473+. How is this possible? Am I that rusty with healing that this makes sense to others and not me?

If you post a snapshot we can take a look. It would be very rare for items so much lower item level to actually be an upgrade, so there must be something weird going on in your specific case. Instructions on how to make a snapshot below:


Thanks, I’ll take a look at that – this is a bit of an edge case with the “Set Bonus Prediction” feature, which does a simple and “optimistic” estimate of the value of set items assuming you would want to complete the set bonuses. It wasn’t really expecting to do comparisons with set items that are so far below the ilvl of your currently equipped gear.

We’ll make a change that should improve cases like this in the next update.