Upgrade finder: sword i had still "better' than one suggested

I have read this post and still have a question.

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My question is:upgrade finder listed the axe from heroic Maut as 2.70+ of an upgrade. i bonus rolled it and im still being told that a pvp sword 430 with infinite stars is still the one i should equip. if that is the case why did robot give me the axe as an upgrade in the first place? if its wrong i basically wasted time (already had killed Maut once this week) and bonus roll trying to get the axe. seems like a serious inconsistency. thanks

I need more information from you to help with this.

There is a help link next to best in bags. Click that and then click create support post. Post the snapshot id that it generates in the forum here and then we can see all your great and settings.

I don’t even know what spec we are talking about!

i dont know how to do snap paste or whatever. but i can build the place u live in from the ground up. sorry my skillset isnt with computers. toon name is Kurishjadar on tich and i play fury warrior. ty

Here is the announcement about it:

And here is a post where someone put a screenshot that shows where the “Help” link is:

Let me know if you still can’t find it. With that info I can take a look at your specific case and explain what is going on!