Upgrade question Dk tank

I am having upgrade finder recommend a lower piece of tier gear, 225 over a 232 piece. the set bonus both 2 and 4 are identical. So the only thing different is the 232 has more stats. So it doesn’t make sense to me.
It is happening with the gloves and the Chest, but the glove pieces are showing a much larger increase.

The Valorous Darkruned Handguards ( dk 225 tier gloves) is rated higher than Conqueror’s Darkruned Handguards ( dk 232 tier gloves ) I have the 232 and they are equipped. I add both to the " Add to bag" and sim shows the 225 gloves are 0.8 % increase.

any idea what is happening?

If you post a snapshot ID we can take a closer look at your case. Instructions on how to do that here:

I hope i did this correctly. this is the snapshot thing it gave me.


I’ll take a look… I think something is going on with the fact that you have so many things locked, it can lead to some minor weirdness sometimes in the upgrade finder rankings.

Short version: it’s probably finding a set of gear that contains your existing item that scores better than your locked-down best in bags solution, but it automatically ignores that result and labels it as “owned” since you already have the item.

alright. Yeah as i got to looking at it, that crossed my mind. I forgot why i locked so much down. I think i was throwing stam gems in and didn’t want them to get swapped. You should give a new tank option that calculates max stam, while keeping def capped and hit cap and stuff lol.

i will unlock some stuff and post back if i notice anything also.