Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron - thoughts

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The sim shows that the Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron is BiS over Comets trail, what are the thoughts behind this?


If you could post a snapshot we can take a closer look. We would need to know in what context this recommendation is being made:

Sorry, also should have posted in the Wotlk section :frowning:

Here is the ID as requested:


I need the 32-digit snapshot ID that is created by following the steps in that post that I linked. (With that, you don’t need to take screenshots or provide an export string, just the snapshot ID has all the information that we need to reproduce your case exactly.)

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Added the ID in the post above. Thanks.


Items like the clutches are always difficult to estimate… Blizzard is really inconsistent with spawned NPC/pet behavior, it’s random which one you’ll get, hard to say how difficult it would be to keep the tentacle alive, etc. I went off data that I saw posted from back in the day that is a rough average of what each tentacle will do and assumes you’ll get the full duration each time you spawn one.

Interesting, thanks man. Will try it out :slight_smile:

Now the recommendation have changed to Comets trail, is this correct?

I adjusted this item down a bit based on what I’m seeing of how much people are getting from each use.

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