Vengeance DH Default Rotation

Hello! I wasn’t sure if I should put this here or in Serious Discussion, but I decided to play it safe and put it here.

I am a 906 Veng DH and done a whole buncha M+s and am currently progressing in Mythic (A HIGHLY PRESTIGIOUS 1/10M OH WOW) and I had some feed back on the current default rotation for Veng DH.

I’m still new to the whole scripting system to AMR’s rotations, but there was a few things I noticed that I think could make the rotation more accurate to what is used in practice:

  • I noticed that Sigil of Flame and Infernal Strike seemed to get used in rotation without any mind of what the dot left on Sigil of Flame is. When you have the Flame Crash talent, Infernal Strike becomes another way to apply the dot and the dot does not stack. I believe it should be changed that if you have the Flame Crash talent that you should not use it until the time left on the DoT is less than the GCD. That way you can maximize the amount of time that the dot is on the enemy since it does not stack but does get refreshed.

  • With the new golden talent, it’s going to be important to use Immolation Aura and Soul Carver right after you apply Fiery Brand. Each tick of Immolation Aura and each tick of Soul Carver’s DoT increase the length of Fiery Brand.

  • I believe that the value of Archimonde’s Hatred Reborn is being undervalued because the Rotation uses Trinkets before you enter Meta. Archimode’s snapshots the health increase of Meta, making the absorb pretty significantly larger. Overall, I feel like absorb Legendaries and Trinkets are being undervalued for some reason. Not quite sure why, to be honest.

  • The use of fracture should probably be changed to “if Power >= 50 or BuffStack(SoulFragment) <= 3” since it is a great way to build Soul Fragments if you do not have enough, even when your Pain is below 50. Sometimes it makes for a very good clutch way to create some quick Fragments to then use Soul Cleave to regain health after a big hit.

  • Fel Devastation seems to be used essentially whenever it is up. This is a legitimate way to use it, but it is also really meant to be a way to regain health after receiving a big hit. I’d, personally, change it to be used either on CD or specifically after a big hit.

  • Another thing related to Fracture, in the case of Soul Barrier, when a big hit is coming I often get in a few hits of Fracture to get some Soul Fragments to maximize the size of Soul Barrier. The use of Soul Barrier in the rotation does not seem to look at the # of Soul Fragments which I think is a flaw. It should probably first take into account how many Soul Fragments are available and if it is less than 5 and a big hit is coming soon, the rotation should try to get in a Soul Carver and/or Fracture to get some Fragments to use.

I think there is a few more things, but these are the big ones I noticed just glancing through the rotation. I think, just overall, the rotation is a tad too simple compared to what DHs actually have to deal with in action. A lot of our abilities are reactive, but a ton of our abilities are proactive. Having that reflect in the logic of the rotation would help with the accuracy of the sims quite a bit.


I’ll take a look and try some of these ideas in the simulator to see if they have a positive affect on NPS.

I did make a tweak to Fracture use yesterday a little bit along these lines.

Awesome! I’d love to hear if it helps or not.

Oh also, you can get rid of Netherbond! We don’t have that skill anymore.

I’m still going to get back to this, just haven’t had time yet, FYI. It’s on my list though.

I made some improvements to the rotation for 7.2.5 (yeah, took me a really long time to get to this, I know)

I found, in the simulator when using Fracture, you can end up really squishy. I had to add in some more liberal Soul Cleave use when your health is low to keep the death chance lower.