Was working fine and loving it, all of sudden it produces absolutely nothing

I used to use AMR way back in retail years ago. Was super pysched to use it again for Wrath Classic because I got a very late start. Was working PERFECTLY.

Out of the blue it started giving me no feedback at all on Bib. I go to the bank, open everything, wait a bit, export the string to the website, make sure my settings are ok, and ask for Bib while naked, with whole possible sets in bags or bank, mostly bag.

The result I am getting is equip no gear at all. It tells me go naked instead of using your gear.

It is so weird because I am a long term user from before and an avid user over the past month and out of the blue it is telling me literally use nothing.

Any clues would be GREAT.

Can you post a snapshot for us? That will let us see exactly what you are seeing, with your settings and gear.

Instructions for making a snapshot:

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I thought I had already updated Addon several times. I think there was an issue with CurseForge missing AMR in my setup. I completely deleted all files and got fresh and with the newest version of the addon my issue went away.

But thank you anyway!!!