When will the Epic Gems for phase 3 Wrath Classic be avail for the best in bags?

There any eta for the phase 3 update for wrath classic?

We just updated the site a few minutes ago with phase 3 for WotLK.

Was within seconds…thanks!!!

i dont know for me it still insist on using the old ones…

Make sure to change your gem quality setting to Epic.

i’ve done it, tried perfect gems on and off its the same, look at the screen shot on the chest item. there are 2 epic gems in the suggested gems, it want me to change the JC’s gem with a normal epic 20agil one, and there are only 2 epic gems in whole gems, the rest is still the old ones

I would need a snapshot ID to try your specific case, screenshots aren’t that helpful. Instructions on how to make a snapshot here:


You have the gem quality set to Rare on your higher priority spec Marksmanship, so rare gems are getting locked in for that setup. Raise the quality on your Marksmanship setup and it should do what you want.

Thank you! It fixed it! :slight_smile: