Where is Relic Support?

Think the Crucible is out for 3 weeks now, so how come my 958 weapon is only showing as a 943 on AMR (hmmm, the 15 ilvl rank 1)? Sounds like the Crucible is being ignored… AND all the other math AMR does has to be in error.

You can enter it in manually for now. Click the edit character button to left of your name.

I have been travelling, and will return this weekend to work on reading it from the addon as well as some optimization features for it.

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Ah, time off, hope ya decompressed enough!

Yeah it was a trip we planned last year… just happened to overlap with crucible unlocking unfortunately, and I didn’t want to put an untested feature out just before leaving.

But hopefully this weekend and Monday I will have all the crucible stuff hammered out, get back to finishing up cooler features.


Any news on the update? really wanting to see this in action

We are working on it. It will take a couple days to finish up.

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Will the AMR Addon be extended with weights like https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/277931-crucibleweight ?

We will have relic rankings on the website that show you which traits to purchase in the crucible. I don’t know if we’ll create “weights” for it like that addon, since we don’t really like the way it is set up (equating things to item level).

Hopefully we can also import them like suggested BiB gear so you can see which traits you need to activate on that relic.

Yeah – working on all that! It is actually quite complex… so taking a few extra days. When it is done, best-in-bags will suggest which nodes to activate on each relic in the crucible, as well as which relics to use.

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