Why no Solo or Torghast options?

I’m trying to setup my Shaman for soloing and torghast runs (Ele & Resto) but your options for best in bags only offer Mythics and Raids. I have different setups for those as well.

Why can’t I get the other options?

We have focused on optimization for raiding and dungeons since our site began (over 10 years ago now). We don’t have any plans to add solo or PvP optimizations due to really low demand for it.

If we ever do see a big demand for optimization around other activities in WoW in the future though, we’ll definitely consider adding features for it.

Do you ever think that the reason that there isn’t a big demand for it is becouse you don’t offer it?

I would love to have something that covered PVP and I am sure there is a lot of people out there that would as well but wouldn’t post to ask for it as it takes time out there day and think what’s the point.

More so when you read the post that there isn’t a high enough demand for use to do it.

Sort of like the post in 2018 saying the same for having a moble friendly site. Where it was says most the people that use the site are on pc so we are not going to fix the issue for moble users. But maybe if you fixed it more people would use it when out and about away from there pc to look up what gear they can get when they are next on.

We gather data from time to time to gauge interest in new features when we have the time to add them.

We used to have a mobile app, as well as a version of the website designed explicitly for mobile. Combined, they only accounted for 3% of our website traffic. And they supported every single feature of the full website, they were not of limited use. The vast majority of our users use the site while at their computer playing WoW, so that is where we focus our effort.

Whenever we take polls, PvP demand is quite low. With each new expansion is when we usually revisit these kinds of things, so we’ll see for next expansion how things shake out.

And for solo content, our current optimizations are close enough to optimal already. I use the Mythic+ optimization for all solo content and it works great. Solo content is usually not tuned that tightly, so getting a “good” answer is just fine – it doesn’t need to be perfect. The optimizer works pretty well for leveling in the current expansion as well, I use it from 50-60 on all of my characters and it is very convenient.

I do a lot of solo and Torghast runs. I am in the process of realigning my resto spec to work with raiding as well. But rarely use it if I am only running Torghast solo or even with only one or two other people. Most folks I do this with have sufficient self heals and my ele blasts through mobs like crazy, therefore, my resto spec is rarely used in Torghast.

I would love to have an option on your website/addon to address solo/Torghast work. I notice a difference between what I use in raids vs solo. Currently I can’t seem to get a good read on those as you don’t really provide those options.

I think those of us who use your site/addon are not the min/max folks, at least I’m not, but I certainly would appreciate some feedback on differences between those. As it sits right now, I am basically just using Mythic+/dungeon setups for solo work but its lacking since I rarely run in groups out in the world, if you get my drift. It seems as though certain things just work differently between the various scenarios, and it would be helpful for some tips pointing to a better setup for one than using something not really setup for it (think raiding setup vs dungeons)

You can do all solo content in any 240+ ilvl gear. Such content does not require any specific optimization.

Maybe you should focus on getting a good quality gear?

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I hear where you’re coming from but it’s really not required.

What solo content is there which you need to gear optimally for?
Do you die doing anything solo which you couldn’t attribute to a mistake?
They’ve made open world content pretty easy compared to what it used to be, apart from the odd elite rare there’s nothing I’ve died to. Even levelling deaths are rare, when they’ve happened it’s because I’ve pulled too much or someone has dragged other mobs over me.

There’s a chance the Timewalking Mage Tower could benefit from something but depending on which challenge it is I’ll choose ST or M+ and run with it. If it’s not really clear which to use I’ll have a think about where I’m falling short and tweak my gear or talents. I can’t remember them all but I don’t think there was anything where small tweaks will make enough difference to win.

The powers you get in Torghast make more difference than tweaking your gear ever will.

As for the PvP thing, that’s a completely different problem which I’ve written about elsewhere on this forum.

All the gear recommendations from this site come from simulations, the simulations are done against a script which mimics a generic boss encounter or part of a M+ dungeon.
If you make a script for a PvP encounter you can simulate it, change your gear and simulate it again.

I’m sure someone will help with the scripting format if you get stuck. I’m not that good at it but I’ve managed to tweak a few things from a default script, that way I didn’t have to start from nothing. :wink: