Will the essences be ready in amr at 8.2 launch

How far are you with the development of the essence system in askmrrrobot. Especially Blood of the Enemy changes a lot in the decision making of picking azerite traits for the warrior class.

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The important question is if blizzard will be ready with the essences at the launch of 8.2 :stuck_out_tongue:


All essences and required UI changes will be implemented with the 8.2 patch.

I have most of the UI updates working on a dev build… working on implementing all the new spells still. There are a few pieces related to the in-game addon that still need to be done, last I checked the PTR didn’t have all of the required APIs working for addon devs to get essence info. I’ll check that again next week.


Hey @yellowfive
Great to hear you are preparing for that already!
Sorry that I am a bit of an impatient c*nt, but do you think it is possible to get it up and running a bit BEFORE Tuesday? So I have an idea what to focus on more, right from the start? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the patch (both the AMR updates and the WoW ones :stuck_out_tongue:) hope you all are doing the same!

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Working on it… there is a LOT of new stuff to implement.

Some of the essences are proving very difficult to figure out exactly how they work – the raw game data doesn’t have some of the information like proc rates available, so the community is working on reverse-engineering a lot of it.

There are also a lot of really unique items that require new UI just to be able to pick them (like the Mechagon punchcard trinket, and ring sets).

We’re hoping to still have most things implemented by Tuesday – might have to hold out on a few of the more difficult essence or items until we get more data from live though.

We also will probably not have rankings for most new trinkets and essences on Tuesday, but you will be able to choose them on the UI and simulate them. Our goal is to have everything re-ranked by the time season 3 and the new raids start 2 weeks later.

As with most big patches that Blizzard does, the PTR is in flux right up until it goes live, and then there are always a few surprises with the actual live version. And then they always re-balance a few things before the raids start. For these reasons, we usually hold off on completely re-ranking everything until we get the actual live version of the game.

We will make announcements that clearly let people know what is and is not ranked on patch day. Then we will make frequent updates and announcements in the days after the patch as we figure everything out. We’ll also post a proposed road map for updating for 8.2 and season 3, similar to what we did with 8.1.


Thanx for the quick and detailed explanation! I appreciate that a lot! Is there anything people like me can do to help out? Not just for now, but future patches as well?

No problem!

There are a few things people can do that really help out and that we really appreciate – the most important being just let us know if you notice anything not working, and make detailed posts with your addon exports so we can reproduce the issues. Really helps us resolve issues a lot faster.

There’s also the global network: The Global Network

Once we start cranking out new data in a few days, the more people we can get on “glonet” as we call it, the faster we can update stuff. We don’t run it all the time, but it will see quite a bit of off-and-on activity from this weekend all the way up to and through the raid release in a couple weeks.

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You need a PTR AMR, for us keen users to try out.
Fully acknowledging it might be broken at any given point, or the data in it might be completely out of whack.

But at least then we could give new stuff a shot still.

It would be problematic for AMR’s team to manage improvement of the data base and solv every problem user get using the PTR AMR. I would pefer AMR’steam to take their time to make it work the first time.
Also, for the beginning i prefer test in game more than be biaise because i love AMR.

Heh, I also want a PTR AMR - just haven’t gotten the time to set up the site to support that easily yet.

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