Will we get a TBC AMR?

Any plans on making AMR available to those of us that paid for the classic version for a TBC version?

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If a lot of people are playing TBC and want an optimizer for it, we will probably make one.

It will most likely follow the same model as the classic optimizer: a one-time fee to cover development costs and add it to your subscription.


Isnt TBC on the same client as classic, its similar at least in my mind to having a retail client release an expansion with probably less changes than retail.

So I get the initial dev cost fee for classic, but why are we getting the dev cost fee on top of the sub fee for what equates to a expansion release similar to retail?

You guys dont charge a fee for each retail expansion, why would you charge for each classic expansion

Again i had 0 problem paying the extra fee to unlock classic, and im not saying anything about removing that for new users but another fee on top of that seems a bit off

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We’ll charge a fee proportional to the development time. If we can re-use a lot from classic, we won’t have to charge the same fee. But I don’t know yet what can be re-used from an item data/UI standpoint.

We have to do a whole new computational model for TBC compared to classic, though. Especially because TBC is where they added haste to the game as a secondary stat on gear, which is a big deal for the calculations. So we have to write all new scoring functions for every spec.

The classic optimizer is a niche product that we more or less broke even on. We made it because people really wanted it. TBC will be the same kind of deal - think of it more like a kickstarter type project, except you don’t have to pay up front.


You also have a new computational model for each retail expansion, especially when they add things like corruption in, still no extra fee for the retail side.

Feels like we’re getting double charged on the classic side of thing and the only thing i regret is not canceling the yearly sub i pay before it renewed this year now.

$12/year per classic player($22 if your monthly) $10/player to unlock classic. So $22 a year and $12 a year after that for each classic player. now the $22 is going to be every other year as long as they keep re-releasing classic expansions. Not worth ill just go look up the free bis lists instead of taking side/minor upgrades with a the upgrade list on amr instead of getting boned on dev costs again and again.

Crap consumer treatment for long time users of your site imo


I appreciate the feedback. If most people are of the same mind - that they wouldn’t be interested or willing to pay another $5-$10 for the development of TBC, then maybe we just leave it at classic only. Who knows - we’ll start feeling people out and see what they want. The classic portion of the site really isn’t a revenue generator for us - if we were to spend all the time necessary to make a model for TBC without charging any extra money, we’d be doing it at a loss.

It’s hard for me to imagine they ever go past WotLK with this whole classic thing. And really, once you get past that - you end up with the more modern game where you need a simulator. That is a next level amount of work. The only reason we were able to pull off the classic site at all is because we could calculate it without a simulator. TBC is going to be a lot trickier because of haste. People underestimate how much complexity haste puts into the game. Without haste, you probably wouldn’t need simulators even in retail WoW. I imagine it will take me twice as long to make the scoring functions for TBC as it did for classic, at a minimum.

I am very interested in AMR for TBC and have no problem paying another $10 or $20 for your development time.
Thanks for all your hard work.


I agree. Its a huge time sink added to the AMR and you get what you pay for. I never complain about paying for stuff I know works.

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Could we have a poll or something so you guys know exactly if there is enough interest and also start working on development sooner rather than later? I am all in for paying the $10 again, however I would appreciate if we had something a lot sooner than it was for Classic.

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I’ll see about setting up some sort of poll to get a gauge of interest in TBC.

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Hey I’m all for paying for it. I hope you can do it for TBC

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If I got to pay again, i got to pay. It is what it is.

It took you guys from the august release to February for a classic release.

I’m hoping its not as long to get a tbc one released

We’re still evaluating whether we can do it or not – if we do though, it will be sooner than later. We probably wouldn’t be able to hit the June 1 release, that was early than expected. And it depends on the 9.1 patch timing as well.

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I need it, please do this, kiss your little nut

Whatever it costs, consider me in!

One thing I would like to see is to be able to set values below the minimums (i.e., setting hit down to a value of 5% for dungeons etc)


Literally came here to give you money for this and … was left wanting. Really do hope you will make a TBC client. I truly appreciate the amount of time your site saves me so I can focus on playing as I don’t have as much time as when TBC was brand new.

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In my opinion a working TBC-Version would be worth of 10-20 $.

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I would defiantly be willing to pay for TBC as well

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@Swol I really hope you do make this. I constantly used this and it made my officer insane because he could never get why I geared so differently and yet still parsed 98.8 as a CoE warlock with no Corruption. I also hate using the spreadsheets, AMR is way too user friendly. We ended up getting #1 US & Oceanic for Naxxramas execution pre-batching.

so, do we have any news on whether the evaluation time is over? I would like to give you guys $10, the sooner the better <3