Will we get a TBC AMR?

We’re going to start working on it - seems like there is enough interest to go ahead and make it. It won’t be ready by June 1st, but it will be ready much sooner than the classic one was (since we didn’t even decide to do that until after people had been playing classic for a few months).


love you, I’m already getting all wet

currently we have only RAWR for 2.4.3 version, bur rawr require a lot of manual work to compare gear. You can look at that app to get some data for own gear sim.

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Great news!! Thanks for your efforts. I’m happily willing to add TBC service to my plan!!

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Looking forward to it.

Indeed, glad to see you moving forward with TBC AMR. We do have some guild members that don’t have the resources, either as students, jobless, barely afford game time, and/or just without spare bucks at the end of the month. It would be nice if you had a mechanism to allow something like a guild level purchase, discount for students, limited number for free uses, etc., but I get it if that’s just too much effort. I’ve been trying to get peeps to join because your tools are very helpful and could maybe help with loot questions and drama over marginal vs major gear upgrade “discussions.”

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Appreciate you wanting to make a TBC version! I think the classic version would have been an enormous hit if you had used a simulation model instead of a computational model, but I understand there was probably some back-end issues in developing it.

With the addition of haste to the TBC equation, I wonder if the simulation type model is something you plan on doing this time around. The mathematical model did alright for classic but it was sometimes very obvious you don’t have anyone on staff who plays classic. I think utilizing some of the classic WoW class-specific discords would make your job much easier and more robust this time around. Most of the theorycrafting as far as calculations, boss armor, etc. has been figured out there. Just a suggestion, though. Looking forward to your TBC AMR and purchasing it again.

We didn’t use a simulation model for classic because it really wasn’t necessary – the game mechanics could be handled with a mathematical model and get similar results much faster. That said, if there’s ever anything that looks off, just bring it up and we can pretty easily test it and adjust our models as necessary.

We’ll see what we settle on for TBC. I doubt that we’ll make a full-on simulation of it like we have for retail due to the huge time effort involved in doing that. We really don’t have the manpower to do that for more than one version of the game – we spend months building that with each expansion, and many hours updating it with every patch.

That said, I think that mathematical models can go a pretty long way to giving good (and fast) results. I actually really like the mathematical model whenever it can be used… so much more flexible. It allowed us to add options for Classic that simply aren’t viable on the retail version of the site, such as all the consumable and buff options, and the fight length option.

Classic and TBC are a bit different than the retail version of our site. People pretty much know what they want already for Classic and TBC – our goal is to do calculations that more or less reach the same conclusions, with the added benefit that it can handle any character with any bag of gear (whereas most other published theorycraft doesn’t work so well if you don’t have near-BiS gear available to you). Sometimes we’ll find something slightly different than what other people say, but it should never be so different that you’d be able to feel much of a difference in-game.

That’s our goal anyway… if we ever miss the mark just let us know.


Yes please Make this work for TBC. I have been using Amr for Gear switching for years both in Retail and Classic. and Its accuracy is incredible when i run your recommendations through Raidbots. And so far since this patch has come out i think putting the new talents into effect in sims it will help me determine whats what. Buit anyhoo I love your Addon and website for finding best in bags its quick and east to use. Although i wish there was an auto mod that would copy paste to the website and then do the Best in bags scan and change the addon automatically… yeah maybe i should learn programming and just help you guys finish and polish it up more but anyway I love IT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

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This isn’t possible. Addons are intentionally limited from automatically sending data outside the game environment and vice versa.

Ah that makes sense… I am just dreamin… I guess im just thinking of how Raider IO records what you do in game and you download some application that when you use it you can then send the data to their website. maybe that would be a way AMR could get more data … Also I was wondering does AMR use Data that is already collected from Raidbots because i think … it also does sims for Classic data but im not sure is TBC items and talent are being used as part of it atm? maybe i should go check.

Ill gladly pay again for an update to Classic TBC AMR!!!


I agree I would pay for a TBC update as well


WHOA lets back the bus up here. I LITTERLLY just paid for the “classic” part (like LAST WEEK) with the idea that it was going to be updated for TBC also… I PURPOSLY waiting until we were about to get the patch to pay that fee and now your saying that there will be another fee? You will lose a long time customer here if this turns out to be the case because I’ve been paying for AMR since Way back when. IF this is the case I want a refund for Classic as its useless to me as im not playing classic at all.

Don’t worry – if your intent was to buy the upgrade to use it for TBC rather than Classic, we’re happy to refund it. You can contact us via our email form (choose the Account category) and request a refund. Be sure to describe your situation in the email. You’ll get a response usually within 24 hours on business days.

So no TBC AMR that is needed right now.
Don’t understand why there is no progress.
Be it as it is, Pawn and WowHead will have to do it.

Please update for TBC, I have no problem paying a bit for a Dev fee.

I know it got sort of buried in this post, but we are doing a TBC version of the site. Working on it now! It won’t be ready June 1st, but it takes forever to level up anyway.

Awesome! I purchased the classic version last night thinking that it was TBC ready, happy to pay more in the future for a TBC Classic verison. AMR is great!

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unless the TBC version actually works i would not pay for it again. sad that i paid for the classic one it was defective AF (atleast for prot paladins).