Will we get a TBC AMR?

If you have a problem with the protection paladin optimizer for Classic, make a separate thread and let us know what you think the issue is. We’ll take a look.

Any chance in the interm to a TBC version could just upgrade the talent trees? That would be really helpful.

Not really - we’ll make the whole TBC version of the site and post it up all at once.

There’s no need for a poll, there’s no question. I only wish I could check setups for the pre-patch (tbc at level 60).
Everyone who uses AMR will be playing classic tbc. I was a die hard retailer, but I can’t do it anymore. Farming Anima nonstop for little to no gain. Watching our Mythic raid fall apart because there was no point in running the content, the drop chance was pure garbage and pvp gear was better and easier to obtain.

Most if not all of us are either playing tbc or not playing wow at all anymore.

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Yeah well not everybody is in your boat buddy. Some of us have been using the classic version since it was available and are more that happy to part with a small extra payment for the TBC version. If you couldn’t foresee a potential issue with TBC Classic imminent, then you need to have a word with yourself nobody else. Let’s be honest the sub charge and potential increase are pretty nominal and perhaps some people need a bit of perspective.

Yeah, I think some people might have the mistaken impression that like… thousands and thousands of people are signing up for the classic and/or TBC optimizer. I wish! It’s a niche product. We didn’t add the extra charge to bleed money from people - we added it so we wouldn’t lose money by spending time doing it instead of doing other paying work instead.

Started using AMR for retail back in legion, and now ive been using it in classic since release, makes gearing up so much easier. Would love to get a version for tbc, and i dont see why people would find it unreasonable to ask for an extra charge given then your providing them with a service

i’d gladly pay again


Agreed, whatever it takes to get amazing tools like this, more than willing to pay

Add me to the list of people who would be happy to pay for TBC. You guys do great work and it’s such a tiny amount of money for what you get.

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I got mine to work just find for prot paladin

yes please i completely need it at tbc even more so than i did in classic because of the gem socketing

This sounds amazing once available! Love using the Shadowlands/Classic one already!

I have zero issues paying for a TBC version. I was looking for something like this for classic, but by the time it came out I had to quit Classic due to landing a new job. Hopefully, if you are first to market with something like this, you will see more people opting in and generating some additional revenue for you guys. As you mentioned, the addition of haste is a big deal and makes optimizing a bit trickier. If we can get the TBC version sooner rather than later, hopefully, you guys will see a spike in subs. Thanks again for your hard work and feedback. :slight_smile:

I have made an official thread about the TBC Optimizer that summarizes this thread:

I’m going to close this thread now that we have officially started development on it. Feel free to let us know any other thoughts you have on TBC in that thread.

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