WotLK Classic announced for real!

So it’s been announced. I’m putting my Vijari hat back on! I know you’ll need help with numbers and stuff. And I know Retail is going to be your priority and it’s going to be a HUGE undertaking (what with the talents and all - going to actually get to me to play Retail again with those!)

So yeah. Plans? Any thought to bringing a true AskMrRobot Classic back and reviving the Silverlight DK simulator? xD

Ha - I don’t know if the code for that thing even exists anymore. Maybe on an old hard drive somewhere???

Right now our plan is to do wotlk classic similarly to how we did classic and TBC. The formula-based method is actually really nice for an optimizer - I wish I could do it for retail but the game got too complex. I think it will still be doable for wotlk.

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Yeah I think when Reforging makes it’s return you may need to change it up - still have any of that old code? lol