WotLK Classic announced for real!

So it’s been announced. I’m putting my Vijari hat back on! I know you’ll need help with numbers and stuff. And I know Retail is going to be your priority and it’s going to be a HUGE undertaking (what with the talents and all - going to actually get to me to play Retail again with those!)

So yeah. Plans? Any thought to bringing a true AskMrRobot Classic back and reviving the Silverlight DK simulator? xD

Ha - I don’t know if the code for that thing even exists anymore. Maybe on an old hard drive somewhere???

Right now our plan is to do wotlk classic similarly to how we did classic and TBC. The formula-based method is actually really nice for an optimizer - I wish I could do it for retail but the game got too complex. I think it will still be doable for wotlk.

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Yeah I think when Reforging makes it’s return you may need to change it up - still have any of that old code? lol

do you think you guys will have this ready for prepatch? I would hate to have to do the brain work for the first few weeks of the prepatch/expansion

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As far as I know there is not a release date yet, and I don’t have access to the beta. But as soon as I can get access to e.g. a PTR, we’ll start working on it.

Would love to see WotLK Classic formula-based tool before the prepatch.
Also if you feature fully functional simulator with rotation, talent and build optimizations, would gladly buy it for $60-100 or a separate subscription.

https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/rotation-master for rotation help if you need it

work commenced? Hoping we get this out for wotlk launch in sept at the least

Looking forward to a working and hopefully much better than Classic version for Wrath. Maybe with a way to import stat weights since Classic seemed to be waaaay off on that mark. And perhaps on time-ish instead of months late.

I fell in love with Mr Robot back in the day and continued to support it through even play hiatuses but if we get a slap-dash version that never gets fine tuned like Classic I’m going to be saying goodbye to an old and very missed friend in Mr Robot. I’ve had to learn to work with sevetyupgrades which can’t touch the old Mr Robot but was absolutely needed to check his work in Classic

Please, please, please don’t disappoint your loyal Classic friends.

What in particular was the issue with Classic? We created pretty in-depth calculation models for the optimizer. If people bring cases to us where they think the optimizer is doing something it shouldn’t, we always review it and tweak the model as necessary.

We used a similar model for Burning Crusade, and it has been working very well. To our knowledge, people are quite satisfied with it.

There are a lot of options in the two classic versions of the optimizer that can significantly impact the results – most of the time we find that people aren’t customizing it to their situation, e.g. not choosing an appropriate fight length or consumables or buffs that match what they are doing in-game.

As far as stat weights… we haven’t gone their with either Classic Era or Burning Crusade for one main reason: since those days, everyone has figured out that stat weights don’t work very well. That is why nobody really uses them anymore for newer versions of WoW. The models that we created for Classic and Burning Crusade are similar to the retail version of the site in that they don’t function on stat weights at all.

We do have a stat weight export for the retail version of the site… but it’s there with huge asterisks next to it. They are really only useful as a ballpark convenience tool, and even then… they’re a bit sketchy.

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I’ll echo Yellow’s post and say that I feel that the classic and TBC versions of the site are even better than the retail version, since we were able to do it with a mathematical model instead of a simulator. It offers on-demand custom advice that is customizable to a level way above what we can do with the retail version of the game.

Happy to look at any specific optimization that you aren’t satisfied with.

Thanks, yellow and swol. I enjoyed using the addon and site through classic and TBC.

Even with the limitations of the pawn export, I found it helpful as a quick way to get a ballpark idea of whether I should be paying attention to an item in-game. Is it possible to have this feature in the wotlk version?

Only complaint I had against you is being late for the party both for classic and TBC…Please tell me you
have something ready for prepatch or AT THE VERY LEAST wrath launch?

It is nice to be able to customize everything, but would also love to see suggestions for consumes and all. Hunters for example have kind of used flask of relentless assault and major mageblood+major agility kind of interchangeably, and it hasn’t always been clear which is better except for when you have demon fights where you can swap from major agility to demonslaying.

That or opening up the number of potential sets and adding priority for each set so a solo or dungeon set doesn’t tell you to overwrite gems or something for your raid set. It always bummed me out how I couldn’t make more than 4 sets for BM as there were many use cases (Solo Farming, 5-man, 10-man, 25-man, 10-man no boomkin, 25-man no boomkin, resistance sets, etc.)

Extra sets plus being able to automatically add gear from a different set with no changes to its gems/enchants (rather than manually locking the piece to its current modifications for gems and enchants) would be a huge improvement.

When do you take my money for Wrath classic?

We will use the following thread for WotLK announcements: