WotLK Namechange

Hey, I recently changed the name of my Paladin to my Warrior. Unfortunately AMR thinks that I still have gear from my Pally. I had to exclude a bunch of tuff. I tried deleting AMR, and then reinstalling, but that didn’t do anything. Is there a way I can clear that old data and make it pull fresh/accurate data?

If you follow the steps in the post linked below, that will usually take care of resetting all of your data. This post is for retail WoW, so in WotLK you don’t need to activate each spec in-game as WotLK doesn’t have the concept of a “spec”, that wasn’t added until later expansions.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work for WotLK. Probably not worth diving into it too deeply since Cata is around the corner. Though I’m not sure if it’s something on my end. My Zygor thinks I’m on the other toon as well. Not willing to clear my WTF or anything since I spent time on macro’s/ui’s already lol so it’s all good

That’s strange – that should clear any cached data that we have. Every time you import from the addon, we completely overwrite your inventory on our server as well.

You could always delete just your settings for the AMR addon by doing the following:

  1. Completely exit WoW.
  2. Find the AskMrRobot.lua settings file in your WTF folder using file explorer. It will be at a location like:
C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_classic_\WTF\Account\YOURACCOUNT\SavedVariables\
  1. Delete the AskMrRobotClassic.lua file in that folder, and also the AskMrRobotClassic.lua.bak file if it exists.

The next time you start WoW, all cached data for your characters in our addon will be gone and all settings for the addon will be reset to defaults.