WOTLK Prot Paladin Optimizer

The WOTLK optimizer for Prot Paladin seems to weight Crit Rating and % Critical Damage highly. If you take the default Prot Paladin template and look at the BiS recommendations, Chaotic Skyflare is suggested over Austere Earthsiege even when the Tank/DPS slider is All Defense. This seems odd to me.

On another potentially related note, Health hasn’t seemed prioritized for my gear recommendations unless I set a minimum for stamina. I feel like this would point to the simulated enemy not hitting very hard.

Is there a way for me to get more detailed information on the simulation being done?

We aren’t doing a simulation - it is a mathematical model. We are basing it off of very hard melee hits for current content (patchwerk’s melee hits to be exact). Valuing stamina is always difficult - we have to strike some balance there. We can always tweak the model to favor stamina a bit more or less if that seems appropriate, but it’s hard to predict what “most” people will prefer.

Interestingly, in modern wow, blizz has taken this choice out of the equation almost completely. There is no way to choose NOT to get stamina other than using lower item level gear.

Can you give me a snapshot of the case where chaotic skyflare is being chosen over earthsiege? When I look at BiS for a generic character, that is not what is chosen. I’ll see if I can figure out what might be going on in your case.

I think that the crit damage meta gem in particular was getting too much value for tanks. I’ll adjust it in the next update – it wasn’t dynamically scaling with the toughness slider. Everything else looks fine to me.

Has there been an update to this. I am still getting the Relentless meta gem suggestion when using BIB function. In addition, if I manually change the Meta gem it does not seem to check needed gem colors to activate the meta gem. To elaborate on that a bit further it did not seem to be picking the correct gem colors to activate Relentless Meta gem either. Relentless was telling me to use all yellow gems. and when I changed the gem out for Eternal Earthseige it kept all yellow gems instead of updating to 2 red/orange and 1 blue/green. Another honorable mention is that Ulduar is not out yet but I’m getting blade ward recommendations for my MH tank weapon. is it possible I have overlooked the ability to obtain this in game but recommending something that is not available yet seems counter-productive.

Post a snapshot and we can take a look – I did an update that should make it favor the stamina/armor meta gem for more defensive builds. There must be something specific to your case if that’s not what you are seeing.

I’m not able to show the previous gems because I already replaced them manually but here is what I can show you:

Follow these steps to get us a snapshot and we can take a closer look:

41d1139f64c84e79a63add73885f4c6b this one is when I have prot selected
47cc9fd30d8043c083b21fd4dfc0fb10 and this one is when i have ret selected.
Thanks, I didn’t know this snapshot ID was a thing.

I can add a phase restriction on blade ward.

When I use your first snapshot, it keeps your current eternal earthsiege and activates it.

Your second snapshot, it keeps your relentless and activates it.

I’m not seeing any issue with the meta gems in those snapshots…

Yeah didn’t think that i would be able to replicate it because I already manually switched out the gems. I didn’t take any snapshots before doing so… I have an idea I am going to replace the meta cuz those are cheap see if i can recreate and then post one more snapshot ID for the Prot spec.

I was finally able to replicate it now that I got an upgrade. It is telling me to use a yellow gem in my belt when I need two red and a blue to activate meta gem?

Not using correct gem recommendations to activate meta gem:

Second example of it with Gem/enchant threshold disabled:

Phase restrictions should also be included for BiS tool. Example of Blade Ward in Phase one:

I’ll do an update later today that should address these issues. Part of the problem with the tank meta gems is that… they’re bad. I had to adjust the code to care a bit more about near-zero differences in score and it seems to have taken care of it.