WotLK Unholy DK "Morb" sub-spec - BiS suggestions

Snapshot ID: 6f8b0b45106c4c0db40660e4cbea0be5

Hi - I’m running the Morb sub-spec for unholy and i note that if i run a ‘Best in slot’ that it suggests using Sigil of Awareness which is pointless for morb sub-spec since i dont use Scourgestrike, obliterate or death strike.

It also has ‘Last laugh’ further down the best upgrades list which for unholy dps is considered BiS in main hand and joint bis in offhand too.

Can you look at reviewing morb spec suggestions/gear rankings?


If you post a snapshot we can take a closer look at your case:

@yellowfive - Noted. ID added. Thanks.

In that snapshot, the talents chosen for Best in Slot don’t have Morbidity…

We use the talents to detect the play style. In the ambiguous case where you have both the Morbidity talent maxed and the Scourge Strike talent selected, we’ll use Scourge Strike with 2-handed weapons, and the Morbidity play style with 1-handed weapons.

If you want to ensure that it always optimizes for the “Morb” play style, don’t take the Scourge Strike talent.

Ah maybe it’s because the Talents it picks up on the website dont update when you import for BiS tool.
It does for best in bags though.

969caaef2c9c47829397b6ea9111bc9f (Snapshot ID for the BiS)
ba8c7642fdc14da3b94a62921ee8ba94 (Snapshot ID for the BiS)

Is it not intended to automate the talents on import for BiS too @yellowfive ?

After manually updating them the suggestions seem much better.

We don’t overwrite talents on import because you can save multiple setups per spec… and it becomes very ambiguous which setup we should overwrite.

As we develop out talent features for Dragonflight (which have a lot more similarities with WotLK talents) we plan to add a few more convenience features for WotLK too.

Fair enough - makes sense. At least I know what the problem was now. Thanks.