WoW Classic: Set Custom Stat Thresholds

The optimizer is doing the correct thing in your case – it is getting you to 9% hit.

But, the character sheet is displaying that you have 3% more hit than you actually do. (If you add up the hit on the chosen gear, you’re actually at 9%. The optimizer picks a helmet that takes you from 7% up to 9%.)

I’ll fix that display issue in the next update.

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i have figured it out. there is a talent surefooted that adds 3%hit that i have so the total was correct but is now incorrect showing in ask mr. robot. maybe adjust so it takes the talent into consideration and adjusting gear to 9%

It does account for and display correctly based on that talent.

edit: we use the talents that you have chosen in the setup step for both display and optimization. We assume those are the talents that you ultimately plan to use with that set of gear, which are not necessarily the same as you currently have equipped in-game.

Thank you i forgot to take that into consideration. it works much better when its setup correctly.

Could you please add a minimum stamina stat threshold. I’m a mage tank for High King in Gruul’s lair and want to set a stamina threshold

I need a minimum HP/STA as well for a protection Paladin, it doesn’t gem or take into account any stamina gems, and is only focusing on over avoiding/defence. I’d like to be able to lock a certain amount of HP in place so I know I will at least have a certain amount. If Stamina is easier please let me do that.

We can add a minimum stamina option in the next update.

Any plans for a maximum threshold? e.g. I only need 9% hit as warrior but the addons suggests for best in bags to go as high as possible

No plans to do that. The optimizer only gets stats if they increase your damage, so there is no reason to set a maximum. If you are dual-wielding, for example, you only need 9% hit to never miss a special attack, but your auto attacks can still miss. It might be worth getting some more hit because of that. The optimizer implicitly takes into account any applicable maximum cap.

Custom stat max / target content type.

I don’t raid - I’d like to be able to select a target content type / fight type as ‘5 man heroic boss’ that would limit the amount of additional hit that I need. Currently the gear optimizer always tells me to get more hit even though I’m already over-capped for the only content that I do (5 man dungeons).

As we make the wotlk version, I’ll look into a setting for target level (hit cap). I can’t remember off the top of my head how we set that up in the code… theoretically it shouldn’t be too hard to add.

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Is there a way to add more than 2 stat thresholds?

Not at the moment, but it’s on my list to allow more thresholds.

The optimizer suggests my wotlk moonkin to get 17% hit which is ridiculous and basically stops the best in bags from being useful to me. Of course I have improved ff and the hit talent selected.

We include all buffs in the hit value we display. Try reading this thread and see if it clears things up for you.

oh my, thanks for explaining, I’m dumb, could have really figured it out by myself :slight_smile:

There’s a reason blizzard removed hit from the game - you’re not dumb - it’s a dumb, confusing stat.


I am trying to use the WotLK Simulator to optimize my restro druid, and have a few questions:

  1. What is the unit for Spell Haste used in the threshold settings?

According to my testing, its neither the Spell Haste % (e.g. 17%) nor the Spell Haste stat value (e.g. 560):

Is it Spell Haste stat value divided by 10???
Talents are factored in, as the FAQ states, correct?

  1. In Setup Up Best in Bags → Step 2 → Raid buffs: Would it be possible to have a template/drop down option for “all typical permanent raid buffs” (Mark of the Wild, Arcane Intellect, Blessing of Kings, …)?

  2. Any idea why e.g. Wowhead and IcyVeins recommend to focus on Spell Power and Haste, while AskMrRobot really seems to like Crit and Intellect?

Have you read this tutorial post?

Their advice assumes you do not have mana issues. Reduce the fight length to something shorter, like 60 seconds, and you will see recommendations with spell power and more haste.

Our default fight length is longer, so the higher mana pool/regen ends up being more beneficial for your total output.

Yes. Haste is not mentioned once.
It does not work like the example given for Spell hit:

Spell Hit

17% is the most you would ever want (16% for TBC and Classic Era), so enter a number up to 17 (or 16).

Well this does explain the favoritism of Int and Spirit I have seen with really long times, but Crit? for a Restro Druid??