WoW Classic: Set Custom Stat Thresholds

The optimizer is doing the correct thing in your case – it is getting you to 9% hit.

But, the character sheet is displaying that you have 3% more hit than you actually do. (If you add up the hit on the chosen gear, you’re actually at 9%. The optimizer picks a helmet that takes you from 7% up to 9%.)

I’ll fix that display issue in the next update.

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i have figured it out. there is a talent surefooted that adds 3%hit that i have so the total was correct but is now incorrect showing in ask mr. robot. maybe adjust so it takes the talent into consideration and adjusting gear to 9%

It does account for and display correctly based on that talent.

edit: we use the talents that you have chosen in the setup step for both display and optimization. We assume those are the talents that you ultimately plan to use with that set of gear, which are not necessarily the same as you currently have equipped in-game.

Thank you i forgot to take that into consideration. it works much better when its setup correctly.