WoW Classic: Set Custom Stat Thresholds

You enter percentages as a whole number, like 15 for 15%

As far as crit - yeah I don’t know, the calculations are what they are. If it were me I’d just use whatever the optimizer picks - it’ll work well.

Could you please check the screenshots I provided?
Threshold No → Result No

0 → 9%
11 → 9 %
40 → 14 %
50 → 23 %

I need a snapshot so that I can see your other settings. That option sets a minimum amount of haste you want on your gear - but there might be conflicting priorities that make getting to that number not work.

You might also have limited items to choose from depending on your other settings.

That threshold includes all sources of haste, e.g. buffs, talents, estimated value of trinket effects, etc.

You probably can’t get below 9% because of some buffs or talents that you have.

Here are instructions on how to post a snapshot, we need one to investigate further: