Wrath of the Lich King Classic Phase 4 Site Update

Later today we will be posting a site update for Phase 4 of Wrath of the Lich King Classic! It might not be until the evening – you will see a change log entry at the top of the optimizer page and an announcement banner notification when it is live.

Upgrade Finder

Emblems of Frost added to the Emblems search.

The Dungeons search “Dungeon Mode” option has had the Heroic+ and Heroic++ options relabeled:
Titan Rune: Alpha
Titan Rune: Beta/Gamma

The drop tables for Beta and Gamma modes are the same, except for the currencies. Thus…

A new search for Titan Rune Currency has been added where you can pick Sidereal Essence and Defiler’s Sourgestone. Defiler’s Scourgestones drop from the new Defense Protocol Gamma, and Sidereal Essence drops from Defense Protocol Beta and can be purchased 1 to 1 with Defiler’s Scourgestones if there’s an old item you still want (you can get Defiler’s Scourgestones much faster than Sidereal Essence).

Best in Slot

New filters for Emblems of Frost have been added, some filtering and item sources for ICC gear have been updated and corrected.


A few bug fixes and ranking tweaks are part of this update, things that people have posted over the past week or so.


question the pawn addon and AskMrRobot are showing differences in what gear is better am i missing something or is AMR not giving up to date info
I love AMR and want to use it but it seems to not be lining up with what is BIB an BIS

Our info is up to date with the current phase of content in WotLK. Without a specific example I can’t comment any further. If you would like, you can provide us a snapshot, and then a description of specifically what you think should be different, and we’ll take a look. Instructions on how to make a snapshot in this post: