Wrong iLvl on some items when importing level 50 character data

After freshly importing my Level 50 Warrior’s data to AMR and running Best in Bags, I noticed that several items show up with an incorrect item level and attributes. While I realize that AMR is intended for optimizing at Level 60, this seemed like too odd a bug to disregard.

Gnarlwood Hammer(1), Pauldrons of the Horned Horror (2), Vambraces of Rezan’s Bladeguard (3), Gnarlwood Barrier (4) are all shown with incorrect ilvl and stats. Oddly enough, there’s also a second entry for all those items with the correct in-game values when you click on the slot to manually view/replace choices.

I’m assuming there’s more items where this happens at level 50 and I couldn’t confirm yet if this persists when the character level increases and data is exported again.

(1) In-game: ilvl 100, +25 Str/+46 Stam/+24 Haste/+21 Vers | AMR ilvl 223, +79/+142/+74/+66
(2) In-game: ilvl 90, +33 Str/+45 Stam | AMR ilvl 189, +82/+101
(3) In-game: ilvl 78, +12 Str/+19 Stam/+9 Crit/+13 Haste | AMR ilvl 193, +34/+54/+28+38
(4) In-game: ilvl 100, +13 Str/+25 Stam/+12 Crit/+10 Mastery/210 Armor/525 Block | AMR ilvl 223, +39/+71/+35/+33/640 Armor/1600 Block

When was the last time the character in question went to their bank, since Shadowlands (pre-patch) launched?
Try opening ALL places items can be stored to fully reconcile the iL/stat squish.
Then, re-import data so the optimiser can work more effectively.

That was actually my first thought, but even after opening the bank and despite all items being in my current bags, this still happens.
I’ll hit 51 soon, will see if that changes anything.

It doesn’t happen anymore after hitting 51. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah that definitely looks like items that didn’t get updated from pre-9.0 to post-9.0. Issues like this one are almost always cleared up by the procedure in this post: How to reset all gear data in the in-game addon

It’s important to also activate every spec to reset all cached data, since we store item data about the last gear seen in each spec.