Wrong suggestions for Beast Matery Hunter in Wotlk

Hello, I have a level 50 Beast Mastery Hunter in Wotlk and when I import from game and choose Best in Bags it is doing things like suggesting I equip my skinning knife in my main hand and today it is suggesting Major Intellect enchant for my 1 handed axe.

Please advise - thank you.

If you post a snapshot we can take a closer look, instructions on how to do that are shown the first time you make a forum post, or in this post:

You look super low item level in that screenshot. And not max level. The optimizer isn’t really designed for very low level characters, so some weird things might happen.

The intellect enchants make sense because you are probably optimizing for a fight that is too long for your mana pool. If optimizing for leveling, set the fight length to the minimum: 30 seconds.

That still won’t stop all weird things from happening, but should make it better until you level up.